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Bring your own bike from home on our cycling holidays or we can help you hire a bike, just ask. We transport your luggage daily in our van including your bicycle bag or box. 

We recommend you bring your own bike, but if you’d like to hire one we can put you in touch with some local companies...

When traveling with your bike... Consider the following

  • Choosing the right box/bag
  • Hiring a bike box/bag
  • Packing your bike
  • Airline baggage limitations & restrictions
  • Train travel with a bicycle (e.g. the TGV)

There are a number of products on the market, ranging in price, protection provided, weight and transportability.  Weight is an important consideration in terms of airline checked baggage restrictions (see below) and transport practicality for trains/hire-cars/walking etc.

We have travelled extensively with our bikes, and it’s easier than you may think...

If you have any further questions, just ask...


custom made boxes

WOR uses & recommends Frank's Bike Boxes




This is the way that manufacturers ship bicycle around the world, and if done properly is a perfectly acceptable, lightweight, cheap way to protect your bicycle in transit.

Benefits Cheap, lightweight, collapsible, tour friendly.

Limitations Experience may be required to pack (local bike stores often do this for a small fee and we can help you at the other end), limited durability – generally only a ‘one-trip’ option and may suffer wear and tear with repeated packings. Can be awkward to carry without wheels (which can be fitted) or shoulder straps.

Cost Free from the local bike store. Can be purchased at some airports...


Soft Bicycle Bags


There are many options available, all providing varying degrees of proetection and quality. Basic models are very simple and essentially just a shell with a compartment for each wheel. Higher end models have sturdy bases with wheels, compartments and straps to securely hold each of your bike parts in place.

Benefits Lighter weight than hard cases, easy to carry (most models have shoulder straps and wheels), collapsible, fit easily in hire cars and for train travel, easier to pack than cardboard boxes.

Limitations Less protective and could expose your bike to damage, heavier than cardboard box



Hard cases may make you look and feel like a pro while wheeling it around at the airport, but there are some important factors that should be considered, particularly in relation to their weight and transportability.

Benefits Top level protection for your bicycle, most models have wheels and a carry strap

Limitations Heavy (approx. 10kgs for the box alone is not unsual) , bulky, expensive, not easy to fit in hire cars/trains etc.

If based in Melbourne, our mechanic produces quality, lightweight yet strong and secure custom made bicycle boxes that can be made to order. For more information, contact us.


Hiring a bike
box or bag


There are a number of companies that offer bicycle bag/box hire. This is a good option if you don’t want to invest on one of your own as it can prove more economical for a single trip.


Packing Your Bike


Once you have chosen your bike box/bag, you need to pack it!  Ensure you leave plenty of time (2 to 3 hours for a first time pack) however this can be done in under 1 hour when experienced. There are many websites and videos available on YouTube to assist you or go to your local bike shop who charge around AUD $100 to pack a bike.


Be prepared with

  • Bubble wrap
  • masking tape
  • allen keys
  • pedal spanner
  • Clothes / other soft items
    to pack around your bicycle

As a minimum, you will need to:


Remove pedals with pedal spanner or allen key, Remove seat post, Remove wheels and take out the skewers, partially deflate tyresUse a ‘spacer’ between your front forksHandlebars will need to be removed and turned inwards. Remove rear derailleur or loosen it and pack it close to the frame, well covered and wrapped in bubble wrap


A few key points
to remember...


The person handling your bicycle cares about it less than you do – pack with this in mind! Pack all your clothing and camp gear in your bike box, and remember to bring a lightweight duffle bag to hold it all in for the trip duration.


Airline baggage limitations & restrictions


Most domestic and international airlines do not allow you to add a bicycle as an ‘extra’ item.  Consequently,  it will need to fall within the checked baggage restrictions.  This is a factor when choosing a bike box and also considering how much bike gear and clothing you are going to pack around your bike. Typically, international airlines now have a checked baggage limit for economy class of around 30kg (Qantas/Emirates is 30kg, Qatar 32kg), which is plenty in order to transport your bike and clothing.  Make sure you check both weight and dimension limitations with your airline.

Airlines also specify how you pack your bicycle (generally simple things standard to packing a bike) but check this on your carrier’s website also.


Train travel with a bicycle


Train is a great way to get around Europe – they are fast, generally run on time, you can watch the scenery go by and the high-speed trains have  a restaurant/bar.  Most of our cycle holidays start/finish at a city with an airport and rail station.

Rail connection is often useful to connect to international flights or get to/from other holiday destinations depending on your itinerary. Bicycles are allowed on trains in Europe.

For the high speed trains (e.g. TGV) they need to be packed in their box/bag and stored in the luggage compartment of each carriage (smaller bike boxes/bags are easier to fit) For local trains they can be wheeled on board and kept at the end of a carriage with a bicycle symbol where there are often racks/hooks

Contact us for further advice if considering taking your bicycle on the train.

If you prefer to hire a bike, we can help arrange a quality road bike/s for the duration of your tour, just ask...

For more info or to make a tour booking...


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